Friday, 24 May 2019

Weekend Debt - Living Under the Influence EP & Launch Party

Ahh I can talk for days so I've broken this into parts incase you want to skip sections... the EP, the journey, the gossip and the gig. I'm writing this tired and won't get chance to this weekend as were at Slamdunk Festival and I'll be worse after that, so apologies for mistakes!

Living Under The Influence EP
Damn this is a step up both technical and in the orchestration! It's amazing. We finally get a released version of Tories, Tour De France (see previous post for more on that), Miss Cougar... Name says it all. My favourite on this Il Padrino, which starts with some synths and an obscene number of build-ups! COME ON BABY

Launch Party @ Nice N Sleazy, Glasgow 23rd May

It's a Thursday night, 200miles away from Manchester, we have work at 9am Friday - a 4hour Strategic meeting to start that day too! Any normal person would wait until the band play a local venue.
No, we're driving the 3hours to the gig and back in the same night.

Both me and Richard book Thursday off to allow us time to get North. At noon we set off, playlist at the ready, Monster Energy & Snacks at hand... Fast forward several hours, a Nando's and a couple of JDs we get to Nice N Sleazy and settle in for the evening.

Talking with WD
Whilst we sip our several JDs, (only a few, no drink driving people!) We catch up with Russell and Harvey, whilst Calvin and Grant are off interviewing / podcasting at the booth next to us.
I've not heard/read that yet, I'll share it when the lads share, but I'm pretty sure it didn't have a patch on the unrecorded conversations that went down on at our booth ;-).
I'll leave those stories between us, but maybe 'The Rus & Harv Podcast' will one day be a thing, then you can find out yourself about 2tonne TVs, Midnight Road Painting, Snakes Procreating and Balcony Scaling.

Ok I will touch on that last one, as that's the story of why the lads were tired. Getting locked out of their flat after late night practice the night before...tales of lost keys, unanswered the buzzers, a construction fence as a pseudo-ladder and balcony scaling. They finally got into their flat at 2am, before having to get up early for photoshoots! 

Got to be honest, I'm feeling very tired, only on 4 hours sleep myself and a long day and drive, sometimes I wonder why we do this to ourselves. 
Ha, nah, this is why we do it, the conversations, the people, THE MUSIC. When a gig starts, that energy from the stage and crowd absorbs into you, you bounce into another world!

The Gig
The support acts Third Party and Two Tone Television were both great warm ups. 

Third Party (check out track RPB on Spotify), they have a different MO, often did some instrument and lead vocal switching which kept us in our toes. Very they're good! Punky / Indie / Heavy - at times they held a similar sound to False Heads!!!

Two Tone Television (check out The Heavy) they were also pretty heavy indie I liked their sound, at this point I was little preoccupied so can't comment too much, I'd definitely say they are a band to listen to and their now in my playlists

Weekend Debt
So this is the 4th time watching these guys, actually, first time with this line up - with Calvin on guitar. I was unsure how things would be without Ewan, I knew the EP was awesome and the sounds were on another level, but the guys have matured, I'm sure this is partly due to natural growth and a technical skill brought by Calvin... Undoubtedly an amazing guitarist!

The setlist was a good set, I don't want to dwell too much on the that, you know we know these guys are good. They are excelling, vocally even better than ever, entertaining both on and off stage. From Grants goosebump generating solo Magnetic Girl to Russell's sheer enthusiasm bouncing more and more as the gig goes on. Harvey with his crowd pleasing/teasing and 'Technical ability' fixing unruly Instruments... And as I said, Calvins guitar skills just another level.

My favourite parts are the rework of some of their previous tracks, adding new layers and tones. I love bands who have great studio tracks but actually perform them slightly differently and with more breadth, it's like you get several versions of a great song! On top of this, some cool feedback effects and even got a pit during Il Pedrino!

Tho the best bit, the suprise - 303 AM ... Fucking... 303 AM.... With a 2 minute solo and crowd energising buildup, I managed to get a little bit of it on video! This needs to be on every gig, infact I'd take 10minutes of this it was fucking Awesome. Plus 303 is my favourite track so this was even better!


Ahh we finally get home at 2am. New merch in hand too! Mega thanks to the lads, worth the journey, and I can tell you when these guys play your town - get there! If they aren't playing near you, get to Scotland.

For now!
Michael & Richard

Catfish And the Bottlemen

I'm late sharing this, and let's be honest you should know what to expect, so I'm just going to share a few pics. They were amazing, my only criticism was the lack of Oxygen

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Sam Fender - May 2019 - O2 Ritz Manchester

Finally the stars aligned, it's been nearly 2 years of trying to see Sam Fender... If we weren't already booked up then it was that tickets sold out!
But yes last Thursday we got to see the Start Again, Play God, That Sound masterpiece maker Sam Fender. (You can get tickets this week here)

Over at the Ritz in Manchester it was rammed. Sam was so excited and very much humble. I've been banging his drum since I heard him in 2017, and it couldn't have been better. Playing new songs as well as some of my favcs such as That Sound, Start Again and Play God. His vocals were amazing and the band were tight!

What I loved more was his friends he has paying with him, including a mate (I'm sure he was called) Jimmy Blue hat, Which was amazing. Sam was just there to please, no messing around with encores at the end he just went straight into a few acoustic tracks (Poundshop Kardashians) 

I don't want to go too much into it as it was the first night and you guys need to see him to truely enjoy his offerings. Though I will say the Oasis cover Morning Glory was amazing

Hus full album tour is at the end of the year but is on sale this week check out below

For Manchester gigs click here 

For now. Michael x

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Indoor Pets, Animal House & Ormstons - Deaf Institute Manchester

This was a whim, well, it wasn't, as a friend has been telling me to get to Indoor Pets for a while now, but last week I got a ticket (thankfully) just before they sold out. I had no time to check out the Supports, as I had to catch up on Indoor Pets given I only knew a few tracks.
Honestly if you like Weezer (and I'm calling Temper Trap fans too) you will love Indoor Pets, I cannot tell you this without any more sincerity: Get. On. Them.

Ormstons (@ormstonsuk)

Pretty cool band, 4 Piece from Leeds, they were rocking an Abba cover as we got to the venue. If you're into the likes to Anteros you'll like this group. Was also pretty cool to see Will from Critical Reaction has joined as their drummer, there's another band you should be following, bunch of northern lads with some decent listening! Check out some of my older playlist they feature on a few :)

Animal House (@AnimalHousing)

Ahh now I don't even know how to begin, Aussie / British band based down in Brighton. This 5 piece sound was something unexpected, I think at times It was a go between of The Strokes, Kings of Leon with some Blues and Country (almost Yodelling)! The lead singer certainly hits some high notes! 

Managed to have a chat with the lads after they are a cool bunch. They're playing Jimmy's Manchester in September so get to see them. They are fun! Their take on Tequila is something else, and their harmonies from the 3 backing vocals is pretty unique. They had an energy about them and seemed to enjoy every minute.

Indoor Pets (@indoorpets)

I really didn't think it was gonna bounce so much! From the offset it just went crazy, the floor at Deaf is far bouncier than the Ritz which made for great moshing. The Bouncer was too impressed about this and at one point stood in the centre of the circle with the intent to stop the circle... Fair to say he didn't know the rules of a circle and he swiftly made an exit! Indoor pets got sweat, steamy and damn right awesome. 

Like I said before you need to get on these! 
Here is some of what went down

That's you're lot for now

Links to bands
Indoor Pets Spotify
Ormstons Spotify
Animal House Spotify

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Weekend Debt - Tour De France

Half the time I think I should rename this blog the Weekend Debt Fanpage, the other half it may as well be FalseHeads! In all serious though, it has been a while since I specifically wrote about Weekend Debt, but its 20:19 on 4th April 2019... 3 hours or so until the lads release Tour De France, their first actual release in over a year! I've tried to find out more but they're being secretive and to be honest the fun is in the wait.

I'll be glad to be able to listen to new track(s) on a decent form of media, rather than Soundcloud or some recording at the back of a gig on YoutubeMusic.

If you haven't heard of WeekendDebt they are a Scottish Indie Band (check the tags, I've posted a fair bit on them) and they definitely far too underrated. I came across them a few years back and they have been in my Top 3 New bands since! Ask anyone I work with, I've pushed WD on them and worn my band T's far too much! Check their website and socials to listen to some tracks (links below). Me and the team here at ALOMR love their raw talent and catchy tunes.

Anyway, Tour De France, its out in a few hours so i'm going to listen and give you the low down (either at midnight, or 7am, depending if i'm awake enough to post something meaningful)....

Links here to Tour De France

YT Music


Ok it's 12:20am had a good few listens, first things it's got a lot more production in it, sounds a lot cleaner, higher tones and more colourful (tho that may be my earphones stripping some of the bass out). 

There's something about the lads and creating Intros that just pull you in! It just gets you going, hands tapping and ready to go. There's a few voice cracks from Grant at the start of the verses and actually adds a depth of emotion and keeps that rawness to the band too (the bridge 2:50 is testament to this!)

I'm noticing some nice harmonies too! Gotta be honest I'm still only about 60% on the lyrics šŸ˜ #MansNotScottish - but that's what I love, the accents aren't lost, like many bands can often do.  

It'll take a few more listens but "I don't wanna, I Don't wanna knoooww" is already stuck in my head. 

It's everything I expected and more! Well worth the wait. 

This guy is waiting for more details now tho :P EPs, Tour Dates, whatever it is, you can guarantee we will be on it!

Anyway I'm up in a few hours and long day, long night and considering a Chili Hot Wings eating challenge Tomorrow so I need some serious sleep and level headedness.



Saturday, 23 February 2019

The Clause - Jimmy's Manchester 2019

It's been a while since I wrote about a gig, been too busy at gigs, making music & on the socials.
Anyway it was about time we gave this place a little more attention.

Thankfully building and sharing music on Social Media is what lead to this next band we went to see - The Clause.

4 piece from Birmingham, I'm gonna copy in their bio. When you read it, you think WTF is going on - how does that even work?
The Clause, are a 4 piece alternative indie band from Birmingham formed in 2016. They describe themselves as having a ‘60’s swagger, an 80’s groove and a 90’s attack with the odd techno influence in the live shows’.

I hadn't read that bio until today, and after the gig last night I was sat thinking how do I even explain this band. Their music spans so much from 70s through to 2000s with swing and swagger of Elvis. Each of their tracks had a different style and certainly can't be criticised of being too samey.

I really worried about what I would even say to explain them, I think, at times the closest comparison was these guys are 2019's Alternative answer to The Hives - tho that does a injustice because these guys are miles better and the Hives!
But I think their bio sums them up perfectly.

These guys played a raft of their released songs including Sixteen, Tokyo & their latest slower track Where Are You Now, they dropped a few covers such as Indeeps Last Night a DJ Saved my life. The lads also played as some new tracks which were even better than their current songs and showing a growth in their own (very mixed) sound. I loved it!

My only criticism was Viva La RevoluciĆ³n, the band did something I really love, and that was drop snippets of great speeches into the middle of songs, I think it's underdone. I just really wish it wasn't Charlie Chaplin's Final Speech, which is amazing, but I think it's too soon after Paolo Nutini used it.

One thing I did notice is these guys certainly have a lot of backing and I'm expecting them to make it big time.

So yea check them out over at all the social places, here's a few links save you some time:
Spotify: The Clause
Facebook: TheClauseBrum
Instagram: TheClause_Birmingham

Band members and setup.
Pearce McMenamin (vocals & guitar) - playing a BoyBlue Rickenbacker (I think it was a 330/12 tho don't quote me on that, 2 single coil pickups, beautiful).
Niall Fennell (Mapex Drums & Synth).
Liam Deakin (Guitar) - Liam started with a sweet Cherry Red dual-coil Gretsch (not a clue which model!) tho with a few strap nut issues this was swiftly swapped out for a sunburned Fender Telecaster!
Jonny Fyffe (bass guitar & backing vocals) - keeping the theme with a Fender Jazz.

Also an orange amp head just to round off that retro image.

Anyways that's all for now. Check out a few pics below, There's more on our socials too. I got a few videos but the quality was crackling, so I implore you check them out and listen on your streaming service etc you know the drill

For Now, Mx

Monday, 28 January 2019

2019, What's going on!

What's going on in so far? A few amazing gigs for you...

Bloc Party have announced 2019 tour playing Silent Alarm album in full!! How Fucking amazing! Unfortunately this mofo is saving for a trip to Canada (yes that's exciting in itself, but missing out on a lot of gigs these next few months :( ) Want to see these them? Check out tour deets here

Catfish and the Bottlemen announce 3rd album details and tour! Jesus I'm like on withdrawals, another amazing gig I'm probably going to have to turn down. Though having not seen these guys live yet I'm thinking I may have to stretch my budget and get there some how!

Ryan Adams announced 3 albums this, he just seems to be knocking them out left right and centre. Well he's touring this year! And he is certainly worth the dinero to see, amazing talent!

All for now, playing catch up this year so I'll be drip feeding you all news.

For now, Mx